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about us
Siddis is a new brand of homemade and natural italian ice-creams (gelati and sorbets), established in Stavanger in 2017.
Siddis opened a gelateria in early 2018 in the center of Stavanger at Kongsgata: Siddis Café.
We propose to our walk-through customers a wide range of fresh ice-creams as well as drinks, italian coffees and small bakeries.
In the meantime, Siddis has developed partnerships with restaurants and catering companies.
During the summer 2018, facing its great success, Siddis extended through the rental of a professional kitchen in Eiganes, close to the center of Stavanger.
With this kitchen, Siddis substantially increased its production and storage facility, allowing a better offer to its business partners and to its customers.

our products
Our recipes are authentic -me create them! This makes our products unique. So far we have handcrafted almost 40 different flavours for the great benefit of our customers... and we are continuosly bringing new tastes.
Our recipes are based at 100% on natural ingredients, selected from the best suppliers: no artificial flavours or colouring are used!
When creating recipes we focus on combining the right balance of natural flavours, low sugar rates and low fat rates, with the aim of producing top-quality and tasty gelati and sorbets.
We use traditional italian production process and prepare ice-creams in small batches to allow the best freshness of our products.


All our sorbets are vegan and gluten-free.

Our gelati are made with whole milk, cream, yolks and are pasteurized.

examples of our popular flavors

Gelati: dark chocolate, Bourbon vanilla, Bronte pistachio, Piemonte hazelnut, caramel salted butter, café, liquorice, coconut, stracciatella…
Sorbets: mango, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lime, lemon, tropical fruits, passion fruit, pear, green apple…

our offer

We provide ice-creams for dessert menus, events, parties, catering, festivals... for companies, hotels, restaurants or private customers.
Our key strengths rely on the quality of the products we deliver to our partners combined with an efficient production capacity and a good storage facility: we save time and storage space to our partners (=money!)
The size of our company allows us also to offer full flexibility and customized services and we always try to anticipate our customers needs with a proactive attitude.
Included in our services, we develop specific recipes for our partners so they can offer to their customers unique flavours.

As so, we have created for example a light chocolate gelato, a litchi & ginger sorbet, a matcha (green tea) gelato, a tahini (sesam) gelato and a lime & coconut sorbet.

We also provide advises to create desserts based on our ice-creams taking into account the restaurant business constraints (efficiency, time of preparation, cost).


A key ‘ingredient’ of italian ice-creams is the air which is incorporated to the mix during the production process.

Our standard is to incorporate between 20% and 30% of air while some low-cost ice-creams can incorporate up to 100% of it (1 liter weighs 500g!);

Our policy is to propose ice-creams at a fair price. So we charge our partners quantities based on weight and not on volume, e.g. we don’t charge ‘air’!

With each Kg of ice-cream, about 20 regular scoops can be served.

Our base price per Kg is 250 NOK, excluding VAT and is applicable to almost all our flavors.
We can propose also several options: specific batching, service assistance and solution..

Our prices include any advising or consulting if a new recipe is requested.
Ice creams are delivered in various sizes of batches, up to 3 Kgs per batch.
No storage fees.

No delivery fees apply in Stavanger.